Accepted Papers and Awards

The DocEng 2012 Program Committee would like to thank all the persons who submitted papers to this symposium. Following the reviews, the PC has accepted the following papers.

Full Papers

Niranjan Damera-Venkata; Jose Bento Advertisement Insertion in Automatically Composed Documents
Britta Meixner; Harald Kosch Interactive Non-linear Video: Formal Definition and XML Structure
Zhanghui Chen; Baoyao Zhou Effective Radical Segmentation of Offline Handwritten Chinese Characters towards Constructing Personal Handwritten Fonts
Angelo Di Iorio; Silvio Peroni; Francesco Poggi; Fabio Vitali A first approach to the automatic recognition of structural patterns in XML documents
Yeming Hu; Evangelos Milios; James Blustein; Shali Liu Personalized Document Clustering with Dual Supervision
Jack Jansen; Pablo Cesar; Rodrigo Laiola Guimaraes; Dick Bulterman Just-in-Time Personalized Video Presentations
Cerstin Mahlow; Christian Grün; Alexander Holupirek; Marc Scholl Using XQuery Full Text and Update in BaseX to Build a Framework for Retrieval and Annotation in Digital Humanities
Luiz Fernando Gomes Soares; Carlos Soares Neto; Jose Geraldo De Sousa Jr Architecture for Hypermedia Dynamic Applications with Content and Behavior Constraints
Carlos Soares Neto; Hedvan Fernandes Pinto; Luiz Fernando Gomes Soares TAL Processor for Hypermedia Applications
Graeme Gange; Peter Stuckey; Kim Marriott Optimal Guillotine Layout
Raymond Wong; Fengming Shi; Nicole Lam Full-text search on multi-byte encoded documents
César Acebal; Bert Bos; María Rodríguez; Juan Manuel Cueva ALMcss: A JavaScript Implementation of the CSS Template Layout Module
Antoine Widlöcher; Yann Mathet The Glozz Platform: a Corpus Annotation and Mining Tool
Matthias Geel; Timothy Church; Moira Norrie Sift: An End-User Tool for Gathering Web Content on the Go

Short Papers, Demos and Posters

Marc Law, Nicolas Thome, Stephane Gancarski and Matthieu Cord Structural and visual comparisons for Web page archiving
Pierrick Tranouez, Stéphane Nicolas, Vladislavs Dovgalecs, Alexander Burnett and Laurent Heutte DocExplore: overcoming cultural and physical barriers to access ancient documents
Muhammad Junedi, Pierre Geneves and Nabil Layaida XML Query-Update Independence Analysis Revisited
Simone Marinai and Stefano Quiriconi Displaying Chemical Structural Formulae in ePub Format
Chandrashekar Ramanathan, Yogalakshmi Jayabal and Mehul Sheth Challenges in generating bookmarks from TOC in e-books
Max Göbel, Tamir Hassan, Ermelinda Oro and Giorgio Orsi A Methodology for Evaluating Algorithms for Table Understanding in PDF Documents
Young-Min Kim, Patrice Bellot, Jade Tavernier, Elodie Faath and Marin Dacos Evaluation of BILBO reference parsing in digital humanities via a comparison of different tools
Olivier Aubert, Yannick Prié and Daniel Schmitt Advene, a tailorable hypervideo authoring tool
Raquel Oliveira, Pierre Geneves and Nabil Layaida Toward automated schema-directed code revision
Bill Janssen, Eric Saund, Eric Bier, Patricia Wall and Mary Ann Sprague Receipts2Go: The Big World of Small Documents
Mark Truran, Gersende Georg, Marc Cavazza and Dong Zhou A Section Title Authoring Tool for Clinical Guidelines
Thomas Palfray, David Hebert, Stéphane Nicolas, Pierrick Tranouez and Thierry Paquet Logical segmentation for article extraction in digitized old newspapers
Mª Carmen Penadés, Abel Gómez and José H. Canós Deriving Document Workflows from Feature Models
Jan-Hendrik Worch, Mathias Lawo and Björn Gottfried Glyph context spotting for mediaeval handwritings by template matching
Peter Moulder and Kim Marriott Learning how to trade off aesthetic criteria in layout
Blanca Mancilla; John Plaice Charactles: More than Characters
Silvio Peroni, David Shotton and Fabio Vitali Documents as prisms: describing facets through semantic lenses
Seongchan Kim, Keejun Han, Soon Young Kim and Ying Liu Scientific Table Type Classification in Digital Library
Aysylu Gabdulkhakova and Tamir Hassan Document Understanding of Graphical Content in Natively Digital PDF Documents
Tyng-Ruey Chuang and Hui-Yin Wu Structure-Conforming XML Document Transformation Based on Graph Homomorphism
Byron Pruitt and Anthony Wiley A Customer Communication System for the SMB Market
Stéphane Crozat Structured and fragmented content in collaborative XML publishing chains
Blanca Mancilla, Jarryd P. Beck and John Plaice Typesetting Multiple Interacting Streams
Jean-Marc Lecarpentier, Pierre-Yves Buard, Hervé Le Crosnier and Romain Brixtel An inheritance model for documents in web applications with Sydonie
Frank Marchese 500 Year Documentation