DocEng 2012 will feature 3 workshops, held on September 4, as follows:

An introduction to EPUB 3.0

Steven Bagley (University of Nottingham) & Matthew Hardy (Adobe Systems Inc.)

This half-day working session will introduce participants to EPUB 3.0, the latest version of the eBook standard used by Adobe, Apple and others. EPUB 3 extends the existing standard to add support for multimedia and interactive documents.In this session, participants will learn about EPUB 3.0’s and how to create EPUB 3.0 documents, both programmatically and using software tools. We will also consider how EPUB 3.0 compares to alternatives available, and look at the extent of support for EPUB 3 within existing eBook platforms. No previous experience of EPUB is necessary and the workshop will be accessible to both those working with eBooks and those just interested in the technology.

More information: see here.

Scheduled: September 4, morning.

A Model Curriculum for Document Engineering

Charles Nicholas (University of Maryland, Baltimore County) & Ethan Munson (U. of Wisconsin – Milwaukee)

The goal of this half-day workshop is to provide some guidelines for those who teach document engineering, in terms of a model curriculum including a syllabus and sample projects.  The workshop will be a combination of small group and plenary discussion, on topics such as seminal papers, software resources, possible topics and their prerequisites, and so forth.  Each small group will have a designated facilitator and session recorder.  (Volunteers for these positions are welcome!)

The audience for this workshop is anybody concerned with how document engineering is or should be taught. Would-be attendees are invited to submit suggestions to the organizers in advance.  Such suggestions might include information from courses you’ve taught, papers you regard as foundational, links to software you’ve found helpful, and so forth.  We intend to create a Workshop Wiki, which will be seeded with your suggestions before the workshop, fleshed out during the workshop, and perhaps revised during the course of the Document Engineering conference.  The Wiki will remain available as a resource afterwards.  We also plan to generate a report, summarizing the model curriculum, for publication in the SIGWEB Newsletter or some other appropriate venue.

More information: see here.

Scheduled: September 4, afternoon.

Multimedia Authoring: Challenges in Document Engineering

Rodrigo Laiola Guimarães (CWI+VU), Dick C. A. Bulterman (CWI+VU), Pablo Cesar (CWI), Jack Jansen (CWI), Luiz Fernando G. Soares (PUC-Rio) and Maria da Graça C. Pimentel (USP)

The increasing popularity of multimedia applications places new demands for agile authoring methods and tools. While traditional authoring systems focus on functional correctness, they neglect the fact that multimedia documents may have real-time requirements and execute with timing constraints. Multimedia authoring also places requirements on issues related to the document structure, the media synchronization and user interaction, the roles of authors and end-users, as well as issues concerning the level of automation, versioning, reuse and digital rights. After a successful edition in ACM DocEng 2010, this workshop aims to reassemble the research community to discuss future directions and challenges in the intersection between document engineering and multimedia authoring. It will be organized in the form of a discussion forum in which attendees will be stimulated to present their research work and tools. The demonstrations will be geared towards solutions that facilitate the authoring process of structured multimedia documents. We will consider issues such as debugging, simulation, instrumentation and performance. Areas of interest include (but are not limited to): IPTV, interactive digital TV, non-linear video, dynamic video mashups and multimedia on the Web in general. Our final goal is to formulate a list of recommendations for future research in this area.

More information: see here

Scheduled: September 4, morning.